Computer Repairs and Tax Time

by Aplus IT on July 30, 2012

Here we are again, Tax Time. Computer Repair is vital BEFORE Tax time. A well running computer eases you through the chore of Tax returns. We certainly understand the need for speedy computer repairs for small business and private use. Pop in and speak with one of our helpful team.


FedEx!!! again

by Aplus IT on February 22, 2012

Please be warned the FedEx infections is on the move again.

If you receive an email about a parcel containing a link, please do not click there.

If you have actually sent a parcel with FedEx or are waiting for a parcel and there is a problem, you will be asked to contact the office or log on to their website.



FedEx Virus

by Aplus IT on January 4, 2012

There’s a virus going around now causing havoc with computers everywhere.

It comes as an email attachment from “FedEx” and says you have a parcel to be collected from the post office.

DO NOT click on the attachment otherwise your computer will be severely compromised.

We’ve rarely seen a virus get so many people and cause so much trouble, so please beware.


Steve and Lillian


Computer Repair Warning

by Aplus IT on September 29, 2011

Scammers are still targeting Gold Coast residents with bogus computer repair offers over the phone.

We are still warning all our valued clients not to respond to phone calls with regard to their computer.

Please just hang up. Older clients are more vulnerable as phone manners and good behaviour was a way of life. Scammers know this and use this to their advantage.

We hope this message reaches you and you pass it on to all your friends and family.


We all need our computer.

by Aplus IT on September 22, 2011

Computer Repairs are our only goal. Speedy Computer Repairs are our ultimate goal.

We consider fast computer repairs to be the core of our business.

Delivering fast, friendly, efficient Computer Repairs why we are here.

So if you are looking for fast computer repairs (onsite or overnight) then contact us today and we will take great care of you.

Cheers Lillian


Computer Repairs Currumbin

by Aplus IT on September 7, 2011


Not sure what it’s been but we’ve been busy bees this past few weeks.

The team have been racing from job to job doing computer repairs in Currumbin, Elanora and all over the Gold Coast.

We know how important time is for you – if you are looking for fast, reliable and affordable on-site computer services, you have come to the right place.

We troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, network, maintain and repair all IBM and compatible PC Hardware & Software, including:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Compaq
  • IBM
  • Acer
  • Gateway
  • And many more

We will respond promptly and we’ll have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases, because we know how important it is for you to have your PC running.

Let us know if we can help.




Summer Is Here At Last

by Aplus IT on March 3, 2011

Summer has hit the Gold Coast at last – just a pity it’s now autumn!

We get a few overheating issues with computers when the temperature soars – here’s our quick checklist on keeping your computer cool and hassle free:

Keep It Clean

Keeping your computer clean with the vents free of dust and grit is the essential first step to a cooler computer.

Room To Breath

Ensure your computer has room to breath and is fully enclosed and/or has hot air blowing over it.

Getting A Bit More Technical

Then we get a bit more technical with different fans,  thermal paste and the like.

Prevention is better than cure, so keep that computer clean and in a cool, well ventilated spot for best performance.





Our Big Difference With Computer Repairs

by Aplus IT on June 10, 2009

Someone mentioned to me today what our big difference is with computer repairs.

It was something we hadn’t really considered too much in the past, but is a critical part of why our customers (and I say this modestly!) love us.

It’s because our computer repairs are fast. Real fast.

2 Weeks Is Way Too Slow

Some of our local competition here on the Gold Coast give a minimum repair time of 2 weeks.

As you might know, 2 weeks is way too long to be without your computer.

So if you’re looking for fast computer repairs (onsite or overnight) then contact us today and we’ll take great care of you.




How To Get An Extra 52 Hours Per Year

by Aplus IT on March 25, 2009

One of our clients is Gold Coast web developer Brendon Sinclair. He’s the lovely (and handsome) chap – he makes me say all that – who developed this web site.

Brendon bought himself a new 19 inch monitor the other day to go beside his main monitor (a 24 inch monster).

He says having the dual monitors saves him at least 15 minutes a day. That’s over an hour a week. 52 extra hours a year.

He gets a full 6+ extra days in his working year just because his extra monitor makes him a little more efficient!

Whether it’s a dual monitor, a fast Internet connection, more RAM, faster CPU in your computer, whatever – little efficiencies add up and can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

Let us know if we can help you find those efficiencies with your computer.




Happy Chinese New Year!

by Aplus IT on February 2, 2009

Well, we certainly have moved forward at a great rate of knots. Christmas and New Year were a blur and here we are in the first week of February.

Now that the festive season is over it is time to get ready for the new school year.
As we are all aware our kids use the net in a very interactive way.

Some basic housekeeping is in order to avoid costly computer repairs. Empty your temporary files, uninstall any obsolete programs you have not used for months, delete overflowing email folders.

Computer repairs need not be a boring chore if taken care of frequently. Our tip for the month is a little free program you download yourself called CleanUp. It is a little pink hand holding a pink cloth. Safe, quick and easy to use and will avoid lengthy stays with your computer repair man.

Remember, your computer is just a tool like your car and your washing machine. It needs regular servicing by a qualified computer repair professional. We recommend a professional service once every year.

Cheers Lillian