Computer Tutoring Gold Coast

Training has always been a favourite for us and our customers.

It is fun to see people go from never having a PC to sending pictures via email and posting specials on eBay. If you have always been one of those people who knows “just enough to be dangerous” then training is something to consider.

What You Can Learn From Tutor Sessions

You can learn a whole new range of skills, including:

  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Internet skills
  • How to use CD Burners
  • How to use Webcams
  • How to use DVD burners
  • How to use eBay
  • How to use most Windows Applications

If you already have an idea of what you would like to learn, just let us know. Even if your are unsure of where to start, we can direct your learning and help you to get more out of your computer.

We Come To You

The best part of on-site tutoring is that we come to your house or business.

You get to learn about YOUR computer and your setup specifically. We go step-by-step to make sure you understand the tricky parts.

You will have the hands-on help and attention that is hard to get in a classroom setting. And you only learn what you want to learn.

Simply contact our friendly team and we’ll take great care of you!